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Wedding of Katie & Kris Elliott:

Katie & Kris got married at Healey Barn on November 10th 2017. After 10 years of being together they finally decided to tie the knot. They chose Healey Barn as their venue. A lovely barn in the middle of the Northumberland countryside. As a Healey Barn wedding photographer I love the contemporary, unique feel of this venue, along with it’s lovely staff & registrar.

As it was a Winter wedding Katie & Kris chose their detail and colour palette carefully. Sapphire blue suits for the boys and maroon dresses for the girls. Both colours complementing each other so well. Everything from the cake to the table settings were so fitting to the venue. Credit: Vanilla Teas.

It was such a beautiful and personal wedding to be apart of. With family and friends coming from all over the UK. So much fun & laughter was had on the day. Really making my ‘job’ as a photographer a breeze. Full of emotional thank you’s and unforgettable moments. One of theses moments being when Katie’s grandfather, who was very ill at the time of the wedding, was not supposed to be coming. Unbeknown to Katie, he was waiting front row for her as she gracefully walked down the aisle. A special and beautiful moment. My favourite moment of the day. He was a true gentlemen & a lovely man to chat to. I’m so glad he could make it!

There is a stunning forest just down the road. As a Healey Barn wedding photographer I loved working in the forest for the portraits, it’s one of the best locations at the venue. It also gives the bride and groom some much needed time alone. Giving some lovely texture to the images and really making Katie’s beautiful dress pop. The forest has a lovely feeling of serenity about it, which is a great balance to have on a wedding day. Just one of the reasons I love the countryside.

Thanks again to my second shooter Tom Burley for coming all the way from Canterbury & doing a great job.

Here are some from the day:


Healey Barn wedding photographer

Venue:  Healey Barn




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