To me a wedding day is all about the moments. For some, a wedding can be the only time family & friends get to see each other. University friends that you haven’t seen in years, aunties, uncles, cousins. Its time for you and your closest and dearest to just catch up and let off some much needed steam. Sure its great to have some smiley posed photos of all these people looking into the camera, and of course for mums mantel piece, but isn’t it so much better to have natural candid photos of them? A wedding day can consist of so many different feelings: the nerves of the ceremony, the happiness of being hitched, the laughter & emotion of the speeches and the raw fun of the dance floor. This is why i’m there, to capture it all. Showing someones personality in a photograph. It really makes for an exciting album & moments to cherish. To look back on after years and really remember someone for a certain moment on your big day. To me this is better than just a smile.

What would you really prefer? An hour of awkward posing and someone telling you to look or 20 minutes of having a bit of a laugh with your Bride or Groom. I hate posing for photographs to, so I try and make portraits feel as natural possible. Have a chat and a laugh with each other. Kiss and hug each other. It is your day after all, so you might as well feel comfortable and be happy.

Here are some of my favourite moments from this year: