It so important to find a wedding photographer that suits YOU. It works both ways, I want my couples to be the right match for me. Thats why engagement shoots or coffee meet ups are great. We really get a feel for each other & you decide if you’d like to have this person at your wedding for 10+ hours. Not only just taking the photos but mingling with your family & friends. Its something I really love about weddings, I don’t just get to know the couple, but their friends & family as well. Its important to me that you’ve picked you right photographer for you, many times i’ve heard horror stories of the images being great but the photographer was an arse or the photographer was great but the images weren’t. So how do you pick the one for you? Well research is key. Get to a local fair and meet some photographers. Fairs are a bit like speed dating, but you never know it could lead to a first date & then you’ll be married before you know it!! 😉

I imagine you’ve looked at a million different photographers with a different style & just don’t know whats right for you. Light & airy, dramatic & dark, natural & vibrant. Once you’ve picked the style it’s all about meeting the right person for you. Then that narrows it down to hopefully a lot less photographers. Of course budget has a lot to do with it. Im biased of course, but photography is a very important part of the day. Its what immortalises your day! If you want amazing, unposed & natural images then get in touch. As a North East & County Durham wedding photographer I’d love to hear from you & talk about your plans for your big day. I also travel around the UK to shoot weddings, so if its outside the North East or North Yorkshire then please still get in touch.

Here are some of my favourite images & you can get a real feel for my style: